What's an In Progress grade?

In Progress Grades

An In Progress grade is given for a course that is taught in a two-semester sequence in which the grade is assigned at the completion of the entire sequence. An In Progress grade, like an incomplete, does not count in the GPA, nor are units earned towards graduation until the course sequence is complete. (IPs earned in College Writing are an exception. Refer to the College Writing Programs website for more information.)

Unlike an incomplete grade, the student does not submit a petition to remove an In Progress grade. The IP grade remains on the transcript as the grade for the first semester of the two-course sequence permanently. The final grade is given at the completion of both courses. The course is given unit credit each semester in terms of course load credit for enrollment purposes but the student does not receive units toward graduation until the entire course sequence is completed.

If a student receives an incomplete in the second course of the sequence, the student then follows the deadline dates and procedures for removing an incomplete.

With permission of the instructor a student can elect to discontinue the sequence after the completion of one term. At that point the instructor can assign a grade or the IP will lapse to an I and the procedures and deadlines for completing an incomplete grade will apply.

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