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Where to Begin

For those of you beginning the grant-writing process, we would suggest reading the following three items in the order in which they are listed:

  1. "The Making of a Successful Proposal".(PDF)
    The Graduate. Graduate Division, University of California, Berkeley. Spring 1987. Reprint.
  2. "The Art of Writing Proposals: Some Candid Suggestions for Applicants to Social Science Research Council Competitions" by Adam Przeworski and Frank Salomon. Social Science Research Council. September 1988. This work is geared for those in the social sciences, but it is still one of the best resources on grant writing in general.
  3. "The Holy Grail: In Pursuit of the Dissertation Proposal" (PDF) by Michael Watts. Dissertation Proposal Workshop, Institute of International Studies, University of California, Berkeley. 2001. As with the example above, this work is geared for those in the social sciences, but it still provides a wealth of information for proposal writing in other disciplines. Sample budgets are also available on this Web site.

After you have familiarized yourself with the above resources, we would recommend that you select readings from the following categories, depending on your discipline:



Social Sciences:

  • Krathwohl, David R. How to Prepare a Research Proposal: Guidelines for Funding and Dissertations in the Social and Behavioral Sciences. Third edition. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press, 1988.

Resources and Tutorial for Writing Grant Proposals: Resources, tips, and instructional guides for writing grants, proposals and dissertation proposals. (Source: Sponsored Projects Office)

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