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Four Berkeley professors launch new nonprofit to advance the publishing rights of authors in the digital age

With the advent of global digital networks has come unprecedented potential for authors to reach new readers. The Authors Alliance, a new nonprofit launched Wednesday (5/21) by four Berkeley professors -- including Dean Carla Hesse -- empowers authors to harness that potential.

How an L&S economist and a colleague got rare access to IRS tax records

Emmanuel Saez was one of a pair of economists who created a big media splash with a 2013 study showing that social mobility correlates with where the children grew up. A new report in Science magazine reveals how they got a hold of  IRS data.

'Never give up,' NPR White House reporter advises fellow philosophy grads at commencement

Not realizing her limitations during her student days and in the 15 years since graduating with her undergraduate degree in philosophy helped propel L&S alumna Tamara Keith on a steady upward professional trajectory. The NPR reporter shared her perspective as distinguished speaker at the philosophy department commencement exercises.

Study: Common drug could prevent injury-related epilepsy

A study published in the Annals of Neurology feature promising results that may bring new hope to people suffering from head injury-induced epilepsy. Daniela Kaufer, L&S associate professor of integrative biology, contributed to the report.

Majestic Hertz Hall organ makes its commencement debut

Former cathedral organ will debut new student compositions for the first time during commencement exercises for Department of Music graduates. The Noack organ was relocated to Hertz Hall from a Delaware church last year. View a film clip of the classic pipe organ.

Stellar L&S students among finalists for prestigious University Medal

Students majoring in L&S subjects from political science to English were among a select handful considered for the prestigious University Medal, which requires a 3.95 grade point average and a resume illustrating a track record of overcoming challenges and helping others.

Plunge into water policy earns interdisciplinary studies major the top graduating senior award

A diehard water and sanitation access warrior, Rebecca Peters, 23, is this year’s winner of the University Medal, which goes to UC Berkeley’s top graduating senior. Peters is graduating with a double major in society and environment and interdisciplinary studies, and a minor in global poverty and practice.

Geography Professor Michael Watts offers insights into Nigeria's Boko Haram

Professor Michael Watts, Class of 1963 Chair of the Department of Geography, has authored many books, including "Silent Violence: Food, Famine, and Peasantry in Northern Nigeria" and "Curse of the Black Gold: 50 Years of Oil in the Niger Delta." 

As Tyler Stovall prepares to step down as dean of Undergraduate Division, Bob Jacobsen accepts interim role

Gains in staff diversity and undergraduate research opportunities are among the contributions of Dean Tyler Stovall of the Undergraduate Division, who has served in the role since 2008. When he steps down from the position June 30, Bob Jacobsen will begin a one-year term in a new role as interim dean of Undergraduate Studies.

Integrative biologists bid farewell to hyena colony

A colony of hyenas studied by L&S scientists for decades, and once used as models for characters in the film "The Lion King," has been disbanded. Calling the animals "comical, charismatic, social and very intelligent," Integrative Biology Professor Stephen Glickman says there's still much to learn about hyenas, which are immune to the infectious disease anthrax.

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